Family Law Act

Family Law Act Glenn J. Niemela is a senior Vancouver divorce lawyer who has practiced family law for over 26 years. If you are experiencing a matrimonial, family or relationship break up, Glenn can provide you with the advice and representation you need to fully protect your interests. Over the course of more than 26 years, Glenn has represented many clients in the family and divorce matters.

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Glenn will guide the myriad of statute law, common law and equitable remedies which you can and may need to rely upon to obtain all your legal entitlememts. Whether you are soley seeking a divorce, or your case involves issues of asset division or custody and access you will want to call Glenn to obtain effective representation.
The law sets out time limitations for commencements of your legal proceedings. Futher, if you delay you may prejudice yourself if your spouse or partner is at liberty to disapate assets or with the issue of custody and access of your children contrary to your wishes.
To fully protect your legal rights you should seek legal advice.
For immediate and effective representation you may wish to contact Glenn, your Vancouver lawyer.

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